Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Disney pics and other...

Blake is seriously enjoying himself.

This is one smart kid!!! He hides under the balloons to stay out of the rain!!

My dear nephew who may hurt me if he sees I posted this pic!
Love ya Tommy.

And the most lovely Minnies I have ever seen.
Grace, Mama Kiki and Mika
As you can see Disney was a blast!! We really did have a good time and I just wanted to post a few pics to prove it!
Here is a school funny from this week. Grace and I were talking about trading pennies for dimes in math. So I hand her a bunch of pennies and say "You know that's a lot of pennies to put in your pocket and take to the store. What do you think we can do to make it easier?" Her reply, "Put 'em in a wallet." Brillant!!! Why didn't I think of that! Hope everyone else is having a blessed week.
Oh, I just about forgot to post about the most exciting news.... No, no babies on the way.
Saturday, I was out of town for a wedding shower and my hubby texts and then calls to find out about all the comotion going on in town. Did I mention I was out of town, like 2 hours away. Ugh, I don't know? However, he did know what he was doing. See I have this nose for news, although some would just say I'm nosey. LOL!! Anyway, I get right on the phone and call a friend who happens to be working at 911 as I call. He tells me there is a gas leak in town and tells me I may not want to head back home because they may have to evacuate everyone. WHAT?!?!
Well, they didn't have to evacuate, but there was no Labor Day grilling or anything like that because they were afraid it may cause more excitement (an explosion!). So after a long weekend of everybody and their brother working on trying to find out which station the gasoline is coming from, we now know! So they have loosened up on their restrictions and allowed a few more stores to open and it's not quite as exciting. The road is still closed and who knows how long it will take to get all the gasoline that has been leaking for about 4months up, but now it's back to life as usual.
So how's that for an exciting Labor Day! Oh, and I wasn't even off for the holiday. Because the other dollar store was closed due to the proximity of the spill, our sales were thru the roof!! I really earned my wages that day!

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