Thursday, January 26, 2012

My dear husband...

I have to say I am completely enjoying spending time with my dear husband. He has a conference down in Savannah and I get to tag along. So while he was in his classes, I spent time piddling in antique stores. LOVED it!! Then when he was done, we met and headed to the hotel to freshen up. Then it was off on foot to walk around historic Savannah to find something to eat. After a great meal at Outback we walked around some more until it was time for a concert at Johnny Mercer. Then off again to walk down to River Street and enjoy the evening.

And oh what an evening it was. The weather is lovely and there was a nice breeze blowing. We walked hand in hand and talked the night away. I was so comforted and secure feeling holding his hand. Each time we got to a cross walk, he pulled me back just a bit to be sure I wasn't hit by a car. Oh, to thrill at his touch and the subtle ways he cares for me. This was truly a magical evening. And tomorrow is promising to be great too! If the weather holds, we will ride down to Tybee Beach for a nice stroll along the beach. I can't wait!!

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