Thursday, January 19, 2012


One of the joys of homeschooling is deciding to have a vacation just because. That has been our week this week. In celebration of MLK on Monday my children joined the marching band to be part of the parade. This gave momma a wonderful break.

However, Tuesday I woke up not feeling up to par, so I called school off for the week. Wednesday was a trip to the dentist which takes several hours to handle all we need to do in the "big" city.

Today is Thursday and we have done a bit of "unschooling." Grace and I have baked a loaf of bread together. We also made a batch of my Grandmother's famous sugar cookies. And then I let her sew up a quilt square that I had laid out to sew. The boys enjoyed a board game marathon while we did this.

Tomorrow, my sweet girl turns 9 and as it is our custom, we take the day off if a birthday happens to fall on a school day. So it will be some more fun activities to fill our day.

Life as a homeschool mom is so much fun!!! I never know what I may find. This morning, after Grace did her chore of emptying the laundry basket she decided to wear it as a turtle shell. Then while the boys were eating lunch, they decided to turn their bananas into microphones and serenade me. I wish I could post the pictures, but I can't seem to get them off my phone.

I love my life!!

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