Friday, February 10, 2012


Yes, we attended WinterJam last night!! A few weeks ago, I signed up to volunteer at the Holt International Child Sponsorship table. Then after some discussion with Jim, (and finding out Skillet would be there) we decided that Blake would attend with me. The first perk of volunteering was free and early entry into the building. When we arrived at 4:00 the line was already a couple of blocks long and the doors didn't open until 6:00!!!

So we go in and get briefed on what we are to do. Well, the guy says that during intermission we are to walk around and ask people if they would like to sponsor a child. This absolutely freaked me out!! I am not very good at initiating conversation with folks I don't know and I stink as a salesman. So a little later when he mentioned volunteers for the table, I knew that was right up my alley. Cause you see, if you come over to the table, I assume you are interested and can talk a blue streak to you about the importance of child sponsorship. :) Now volunteering at the table meant I wouldn't get to see all of the concert, but I was okay with that.

So Blake and I go in and find some seats. He chooses to sit just off the floor on the right side of the stage. It was actually very good seats. So finally the pre-concert gets started and he is rockin' out. When it finally came time for the actual "real" concert he was amazed!! So we watch the first half of the show together. Then I get up just before intermission and scoot to the table.

So I get to the table and soon I am joined by two guys from New Song!! Now, that was pretty cool to me. And I actually got brave enough to have a little conversation with them. Jack and Mark are really two cool guys! I continued at the table until it was time for Skillet. The other girl there understood that Blake was in there watching the concert without me and urged me to go back in. And boy was I glad I did!!

To watch my little boy's face as Skillet started singing and the pyrotechnics were going off was so much fun. I only lasted about three songs before my head was pounding. I headed back out to the table while he enjoyed the rest of the concert. I have to say Skillet puts on an amazing show!!!

Afterwards we headed around to all the merchant tables. We were able to get autographs and pictures with Building 429 and the rockin' violin player from Skillet! All in all, my boy was super excited! He claimed last night to be "the best night of my life!!"Us with Building 429

The rockin' violin player for Skillet
(This guy inspired one of my husband's middle school violin players who was at the concert.)

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