Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Earlier I told you about Jim's adventure with using a translation program.  We'll today while he was out getting lunch he was able to navigate the "mall" and buy himself some shorts.  However, in true Jim fashion even that was not done under the radar.  No, while he was shopping for shorts he decided to venture to another area and look for a brush for Sarah Joy, and in doing so set off the store alarm.  Life is always an adventure with him :). Secretly glad I was in the room with Sarah Joy so as not to be a part of that adventure!

After he got back I decided to venture out.  The first day really that I have gotten out and walked around.  I too went to the mall and bought a toy, all without any sort of incidence :). I also ordered my McDonald's and came back to the room.

We have found that Sarah Joy loves most anything to eat.  Samuel will be glad to know he has a rice loving partner.  Instant oatmeal has been great to have in the room to feed her.  She has also learned all she has to do is say momma and raise her arms and she is instantly picked up.  She is also testing her boundaries, but we find this to be a good thing.  She loves the hotel remote and we have had to say no frequently (and hide it lots).

Now off to call kiddos before heading to bed.

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